Treelogic, Queen Mary University of London, Vision Semantics Limited, Emza, City Council of Las Rozas de Madrid and Ankara Strategy Institute form a Consortium to develop the Smart Video-Surveillance System to Detect and Prevent Local Crimes in Urban Areas

Asturias, Spain – 02 April 2014 – SmartPrevent is an international I+D project which will research and develop a multi-camera safety video system to support public security forces in detecting minor offenses in urban areas. This system will be able to detect crimes automatically and even prevent them through an early detection of criminal activity. It will facilitate the job of the security forces and it will store the images for their further use in legal proceedings.


Julong Group and Vision Semantics form Joint Venture in China to develop Computer Vision Systems for the Banking, Manufacturing, and Traffic Management Sectors

Beijing, China – 22 December 2012 – Liaoning Keda Julong Group based in Anshan, Liaoning, PRC, a leading provider of banking technology specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of currency handling machines and automatic tellers through its Financial Equipment Division, have joined with Vision Semantics (HK) Limited in an Equity Joint Venture to address the customer analytics and business intelligence requirements using advanced unsupervised self-learning video analytics. The Joint Venture “Juanwei Vision Technologies (JVT) Limited” develops advanced self-configuring video analytics software solutions based on the software platform and algorithms developed by Vision Semantics. Juanwei Vision Technologies Ltd is housed in Julong Group’s newly acquired and fitted out offices in the heart of Beijing’s high-tech district. JVT has on-site development labs and an exhibition centre and has completed its initial recruitment of development staff and management.

BMT, University of Greenwich, London Underground, Kingfell, Evaclite, FGC, Hochiki and Vision Semantics joined to design and trial an innovative and intelligent emergency signage system for the real-time direction of transport terminal passengers .

Barcelona, Spain – 01 April 2012 – GETAWAY aims to design and trial an innovative and intelligent emergency signage system for the real-time direction of transport terminal passengers during the evacuation of a transport terminal in the event of an emergency. The project will develop and demonstrate an integrated active and intelligent directional emergency signage system, which will route terminal passengers according to the development of the evacuation incident. The 'active' nature of the signage system will mean that more people are likely to notice the directional signs and the signs will provide situation specific directional information.


About the Julong Group

Keda Julong Group Investment Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998, with current assets of 1 billion RMB (> US$160 million). It is located in Anshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Financial Equipment Industrial Park, covering an area of 60,000 square meters. Julong Group has four holding subsidiaries, with a total of more than 2,000 staff, 65% of which have university degrees or postgraduates. Covering four market sectors including intelligent cash processing and management systems for banks, energy-efficient building materials, network instrumentation and industrial nylon products. Its holdings subsidiary, Liaoning Julong Financial Equipment Co. Ltd. (Julong stock, stock code: 300202) has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market from 2011. The company has enjoyed rapid growth in the last 3 consecutive years, with a compound annual growth rate of over 60%. Julong stock valued at 5 billion RMB (over US$800 million) currently is the first listed company in the financial security and system equipment industry. Julong Financial Equipment Corp. is the leader in the field of banking currency intelligent processing and management systems in China and has the largest market share. It supplies equipment for 13 major commercial banks in China, including the “big four” Bank of China, the China Construction Bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China. It is the only enterprise from China that has been approved by the European Central Bank and has substantial sales in 36 different countries around the world. The main products of the company include banknote sorters, banknote wrapping machines, ATMs, and RMB banknote circulation management system. It has set up a national-level financial equipment technical and engineering research centre and leads/participates in over 20 research projects funded at both the national and provincial levels, including the prestigious National 863 Programme. In 2010, Julong Group launched a world-wide initiative on financial Internet of Things – a RMB circulation management system. This system offers integrated solutions for anti-money laundering, anti-counterfeit and anti-theft.

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